Working out from Home!

I’ve had some people ask questions about Beachbody workouts, so I thought I would share how easy the site is!  It is so easy working out at home! Once you log in to Beachbody OnDemand, you can do a few different things!  You can pick you program, you can choose based on what you want such as cardio, dance, weight lifting, under 30 minutes (don’t be fooled these are TOUGH!!), or by trainer.  Then press play! Working out from home is such a no brainer!!

Super easy to use🤓
Lots of workouts to choose from👊🏻
$99 for ENTIRE year/$8.25 a month with access to every Beachbody program, including new ones coming out🙌🏻
Be part of paid accountability groups I have that include 3 weeks of meal planning🥗
Workout from home
NOT just for the ladies! 🙆🏻‍♂️ Men there are plenty of workouts for you to that include weight lifting!
Streams from iPhone, iPad, laptop, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV 📺
Nobody is watching you👀
I LOVE being able to workout without anyone around! I hear talking all day long, and this is my time I take to just be with ME! 🤣

Not only do you get access to all programs, you get access to a cooking show called Fixate, plus TONS of meal ideas on the Beachbody website.

If you are interested in working out from home in the States or Canada, with tons of variety, I highly suggest OnDemand! I love the flexibilty this gives. I will offer a Roku, or gift card of your choice (that I can get in Vegas!), to you if you sign up with OnDemand by the end of the day Tuesday, February 28th!  Comment below, or visit my website:

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