Boy, I’m not too sure how this has happened!  I am a parent of two teenagers.

I’ve had a videos pop up on my Facebook recently that I had posted years ago.  They are of my twins, now 14, and they were so little. In one of the videos they were dancing to a song playing the Wii, and the other was of them when we would do Staycations every summer at Green Valley Ranch in Vegas dancing at the pool.  Boy I miss those days!

Teenagers are interesting creatures!  The girls used to LIVE to get up early!  Seriously, they loved it.  Any trip we would go on, they wanted to leave before the sun came up.  Forget sleeping in, didn’t happen.  Now, DANG!!!  They don’t want to get up!  Have to get up early?  Oh my….not morning people anymore.  Although, I should say 5 days a week they do get up at 5:00 am to leave for school by 6:00 am.

They are also S.L.O.P.P.Y. Period, and that is probably being nice.  I will tell you though, I have learned that talking to other moms makes you feel like you are not the only one going through interesting times!   I have had conversations with a few mothers the past few weeks about raising teenagers in general.  ALL of them, even before I mentioned this less than desirable quality, said their teenagers were just filthy.  Their rooms had a funk, they were a disaster, and picking up after themselves without being reminded?!  HA…forget about it!  I read an article recently and I couldn’t agree more.  Pick your battles!   A messy room is not a huge deal.  If they want to live in filth….I guess let them.  (Article below)

And food…………..never enough!!!!!  I mean EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say that while I miss my daughters being small, oh I really do, I LOVE who they are becoming.  I never believed that it has to be true that teenagers will scream they hate you, or scream at you at all, slam doors, etc.   I’ve tried to be a good mother, and when they were young they knew the exact limit.  I dealt with things right away and rarely spanked.  I was a HUGE timeout believer.  I think this made a big difference.  They knew what to expect from me.

My teenagers are 14, so I’m sure I’m not out of the woods yet!  So far the ride hasn’t been too bumpy!  As my neighbor Dan told me when they were born, hang on and enjoy the ride!   I’m am, Dan!



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