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Clean Drinking!

This is my favorite clean drink.  Since the Superbowl is in a few hours, I thought I would share what I am drinking!   You mix equal parts (thirds) of lime gin,True Lemon (already made into lemonade), and Seltzer water.  Add a fresh squeezed lime and lots of ice….viola!  Just don’t drink too many, they […]

Easy Breakfast!

Here is the breakfast  recipe I was telling you all about!  It is super good, super easy too.  I made these on Sunday night, and it was so handy to be able to grab and go.  That is the exact thing I need!   [amd-yrecipe-recipe:3]

Butternut Squash Stew

This is one of my ALL time favorites!  I was in a Beachbody challenge group with my friend, Stephanie, and this was one of the many meals in our group.  I would definitely double the recipe…at least! I get ALL ingredients together before I even start this recipe.  I put them in the order they […]

Rachel’s All American Meat Lovers Paleo Chili

Hey!  Happy Thursday!  My husband and I were on the Paleo diet for about a year.  My daughter, Shelby, was determined to find me recipes to cook and she ended up finding one of our favorite meals!  This beanless chili is THE BOMB!!!!!  I’m cooking it right now and my house smells ridiculous!!! Ingredients 6 […]


While this is technically not a recipe, it is however my GO TO healthy breakfast. I use Dave’s Killer Organic POWERSEED Bread, almond butter, and a banana. It’s super healthy, filling and fast! Keep checking back, as I will have tried and true recipes coming soon. You won’t want to miss them!