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Boy, I’m not too sure how this has happened!  I am a parent of two teenagers. I’ve had a videos pop up on my Facebook recently that I had posted years ago.  They are of my twins, now 14, and they were so little. In one of the videos they were dancing to a song playing […]

Work-Life Balance

8 Essential Tips Every Mom Needs for Work-Life Balance I just read this great article.  So many things resonate with me. Especially number 7 and 8.  I think that I can speak to this with a good grasp that it is true. *I have twins. *I was a single mom when they were little. *They […]


Ok, so I’ve debated writing this, as I’m trying my best to have this blog be positive and healthy.  Well, life has happened to me and I wasn’t prepared!! I stopped at Starbucks, too many times this week.  I also *GASP* had fast food a few times as well.  I’m not proud of this!  I’m […]

Madness is Right!

  This past few weeks have been madness alright! I was sick and out of school for almost a week, at a really bad time of year…report card time!  It’s a long saga, but yesterday after lots of technical difficulties, THEY WENT HOME! My husband has been traveling, and my teenagers have been busy!  To sum […]


  Saturday is my day 1 of the week for exercising. It has to be! I always try to do it after school, but 3 people plus 1 furry puppy always need me! So, Saturday and Sunday need to be nonnegotiable workout days for me. Then, I will pick 2 or 3 days to get […]


I just wanted to give an amazing shout out to Joseph.  He is the father of a little girl I had in my class last year.  Over the winter holiday, I tried for days and days and days to figure out a few things on my then blog. I knew Joseph’s computer background and asked […]


Today I restarted my cleaner eating after holiday indulging!  I went to visit my parents, and of course when there are cookies and fudge you grew up on around all of the time, who can resist!  Boy I did not!  So, now back to a healthier lifestyle. I came across this recipe from  http://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/2016/12/no-bake-energy-bites-7-ways-make-ahead.html . […]

My Chiari Journey…..

Oh what a journey Chiari is, and not a fun one.  Who in the world has even heard of this before!?  I sure hadn’t.  Leave it to me to get some freak thing!  These things run on my dad’s side of the family.  Thanks, Dad!  😉  (Just a note of caution….at the end of this […]

Meal Prep

My favorite!!!  Today, I went grocery shopping and got myself ready for the week!  I love the feeling of being ready for the whole week!  If you just take a little time on a specific day, you will reap the rewards for the entire week.  And I do believe you will save money as well. […]