Work-Life Balance

8 Essential Tips Every Mom Needs for Work-Life Balance

I just read this great article.  So many things resonate with me. Especially number 7 and 8.  I think that I can speak to this with a good grasp that it is true.

*I have twins.

*I was a single mom when they were little.

*They were colicky.

*I do not have ANY family closer that 800 miles away.

Lord help me I have no idea how I got through that without some sort of major postpartum depression.  I consider myself very lucky!

I was alone with my twins a lot when they were babies.  When they were colicky every night for hours, it was rough!   My point in telling you this, is life is tough with children, no doubt!!  I say this because as the article says, IT WILL GET EASIER!!!  I promise.  You may even wish for those hard times back when your kids are teenagers with their own little lives.

I also like the point the article makes on how we do not have to do everything.  I do think there are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves and sometimes we have a really hard time of letting go of that.  It’s ok to not do everything.  It’s ok, to not fold the laundry right away.  It’s ok to go to bed with a sink full of dishes.  It’s ok to have a pj day and DO NOTHING.  It’s ok to have ice cream for dinner on the last day of school.  It’s ok to just BE sometimes.  Your kids will not remember when they are older that your house was a little messy, or you didn’t make them something home baked for the school bake sale (do they even have those anymore? LOL)  They won’t think you are a bad mom if you order pizza or stop at the drive thru if you can’t muster up the energy to cook dinner that night.  My point is this….your kids will still love you just the same.

We really need to be easier on ourselves as moms, and sometimes let a few things go.  We need to be kind in our self talk.  Your children love you unconditionally.  They want to see you happy above all else.  Is the stress of a home cooked dinner every single night, or a perfectly clean house worth it?  Be happy with your kids.  Give them your time.  All they want in the end, is our time.

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